This summer has been quite a busy one for Clash Royale. Throughout all of July the hit from Supercell had a 2v2 mode with a ton of events each weekend. After the events ended and the mode got taken off the main screen, the clamor from players to bring it back prompted Clash Royale to make the 2vs2 mode permanent.

Clash Royale Android

Right at the start of August we offered our tips on how to improve the 2vs2 mode in Clash Royale, and though it’s not very likely that Supercell has paid us much mind, the last item on our list was a recommendation to keep the mode for good. The month of July was likely a big test by the Finnish developer to gauge the popularity and performance of this kind of battle, and given its success it was only a matter of time before the game mode became a permanent fixture of Clash Royale. Now to see if they listen to our other suggestions!

To celebrate this addition they’ve got an even more pleasant surprise for us: two Magic Chests you can redeem in the store. We’re talking about two objects that have a combined value of 1640 gems – that’s like 12 or 13 euros – meaning this is a super juicy treat that nobody should miss out on. This bonus is available until August 25, so you’ve still got some time to get it if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve already gotten mine and had the luck to get a Legendary card and everything. Unfortunately, though, it was the Night Witch, who after the last balance change has seen her power somewhat neutered.

clash royale 2v2 en Clash Royale is giving away two Magic Chests and keeping the 2v2 mode for good

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