A considerable amount of hype has been generating over the past few months when Supercell announced that October was going to be a major month on their side in terms of new Clash Royale features. Hinting at the magnitude of this update for weeks, they’ve finally delivered – today. The newest Clash Royale update includes Epic Quests; and a whole sleuth of new features to revamp your matches more than ever before.

Clash Royale Misiones Épicas

Epic Missions: daily and weekly targets in Clash Royale

The name of the game (or rather, this update) is due to one of the more interesting recent updates launched on Clash Royal; and a feature that fans have begged for since ages ago – daily missions. These Epic Missions have you completing specific objectives in order to obtain daily prizes. The newest menu within Epic Missions is in your upper left corner, right next to the crown chest button. From here you’ll gain access to a whole list of objectives to meet on a daily basis. This includes instructions on exactly what each mission entails, where it’s to take place, time left and the prizes awaiting its completion.

This feature might just be the biggest one yet due to the fact that it obligates players to use cards that they aren’t likely to be too familiar with, rather than finishing off a mission. But what’s more important is that thanks to daily and weekly missions, your access to playing is much greater. Plus, you’ll get more daily prizes and gifts that you can pick up anytime you play from one day to the next.

Clash Royale Misiones Épicas

New game modes

As we’ve discussed here earlier, the newest mode: Touchdown is a completely different gaming experience than your run-of-the-mill Clash Royale match. It’s very fun and has a strategic component that is fare more important that might initially appear. But new features don’t stop there. In this game mode you’ll find there’s weeklong events on top of even game modes to discover as you go. Think events following the footsteps of Gold Fever and Gem fever, where you’ll get more coins and gems when you destroy rival towers. Or, modes where your deck is doubled or players compete with the same cards in their deck.

Clash Royale Misiones Épicas

Another intriguing feature for 2v2 battles is that you’ll get to chat with your ally after each match using a whole new array of preset phrases for communicating. Plus, you can play revenge matches if you just barely missed victory last time.

Clash Royale Misiones Épicas

Shop changes and other major updates in Epic Quest

Now you’ll get two aisles for shopping every day instead of just on Sundays, among other noticeable changes at your shop. This allows for a much higher number of legendary cards, increasing their availability as well as the number of chances to get your hands on one – if you can afford it, that is. Every day you’ll get one free object of the 6 available and Sundays you receive an even better gift: an epic card, no strings attached. Needless to say this bribe will likely prove to be very attractive to novice players.

Clash Royale Misiones Épicas

Before, if you wanted to explain your deck to a friend you’d always have to grab a screenshot to visually show them. Now you can export your deck and share them outside the game, via social media post or wherever else. Plus, there’s a huge change regarding private tournaments: you won’t get your gems back if not enough players show up anymore.

Nuevos ajustes de equilibrio

These features aren’t your average tweaks to slightly affect how the game runs.

Estas novedades de las que os hemos hablado no afectan a los típicos ajustes de equilibrio que recibimos de forma constante y que intentan hacer que el metajuego sea lo más justo posible. Tras destrozar vilmente el poderío de la Bruja Nocturna, en esta ocasión no hay cambios negativos significativos, aunque hay alguna que otra sorpresa positiva que va a llamar mucho la atención.

  • Chispitas ahora cuenta con una velocidad de ataque de 4 segundos, en vez de 5, y su daño se ha disminuido en un 15%. Su disparo ya no acabará con otro Chispitas de forma directa.
  • La Torre Tesla ha aumentado su daño en un 41% y su velocidad de ataque ahora es de 1 segundo, en vez de 0,8.
  • El Mago Eléctrico ve reducido su daño en un 4% y su primer ataque tras ser invocado tardará 0,2 segundos.
  • El Cementerio ahora dura 10 segundos, en vez de 9, y su radio de acción se ha reducido de 5 a 4. Los esqueletos invocados no aparecerán de forma tan aleatoria y el primero llegará 0,5 segundos más tarde.
  • El Cañon con Ruedas aumenta en un 5% su vida y la de su escudo. Algo que hará que sobreviva al salto y golpe del Megacaballero.
  • El Rayo reduce su radio de 3,5 a 3 y su daño baja en un 3%.
  • Los Duendes con Lanza han mejorado su velocidad de ataque de 1,3 a 1,1 segundos.
  • La Valquiria ha aumentado su daño en un 5%, por lo que ahora acabará con las Princesas y los Duendes Lanzadardos de un solo ataque, y con los Bárbaros con tres ataques.

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