Strategy and management games are in an interesting habitat on smartphones. Whether it’s building hospitals, rail monopolies, or restaurant empires, the world of Android is a more than interesting place to host games in this genre. And this is precisely where City Mania finds its home – managing cities, or more specifically building them from the ground up.

City Mania Android

Building cities might be synonymous with the Sim City saga, but City Mania, one of the latest titles from Gameloft, has appeared to reclaim that space for new names in the genre – peppered with several elements from other games available for smartphones and tablets. In case it’s not clear already: your aim is to build a city from its foundations into a huge metropolis that’s the envy of all your friends.

You can build more than 100 kinds of structures – factories, shops, government buildings, parks, emergency services. Still, the idea is to focus on attracting as many citizens as possible and do it by manufacturing as many resources as possible to build homes. You’ll need several kinds of factories that might require other resources to make a new variety. Here we come across the main tripwire in City Mania: the wait times to collect resources. Though materials like untreated wood and metal have wait times of a minute or less, other materials require way more time and are sure to wear your patience thin. This is clearly a free-to-play title in all its quote-unquote splendor.

City Mania Android

Also among the basics in City Mania are the Bizzies, a sector of noble citizens that you can place in certain buildings or send on small missions and deliver resources, depending on their level. It’s an interesting way to deploy the box gameplay that most Android games these days bombard us with. Boxes that also deliver different objects you can auction off or use to get more territory to expand your city.

City Mania Android

City Mania is quite an entertaining title that does abuse its free-to-play elements a bit but still offers a good few minutes of fun. Don’t forget to keep your citizens’ happiness levels up as you’ll also have the chance to build iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

City Mania for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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