Yesterday, if you’re like me, you woke up to a curious interloper in the right part of the window on your Chrome browser, where a small button has been installed displaying your username and where you can manage your logon accounts so you can use several at a time. Nonetheless, not everybody would like to keep this as a permanent feature, and thus here we explain how to remove this from your Google browser.

This new feature allows you to drop down a small tab where you can set up a username and a profile pic for your account, changing either by double-clicking on the image or typing chrome://settings/manageProfile in the URL field. (You can also choose one of several different default avatar images.) Thus, if you have several profiles or your computer is used by several people, you can view two windows (with their respective tabs) for two different accounts.


If you don’t want to keep this option enabled, it’s possible to deactivate it by accessing one of the hidden menus with advanced options by typing Chrome://flags into the URL field. There, search for the option Enable new profile management system and tick Disabled in the drop-down menu.



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