Version 32 of Chrome has arrived to the Stable channel with improvements in various areas, with the most notable among them being new tab symbols that advise users which tabs are playing audio or using your webcam. In addition, the look of its Windows 8 version with the Metro interface has been improved, as has the malware filter for flagging suspicious downloaded files, and new parental control tools have been added.

The tab-marking feature is quite interesting and should help you avoid the headache of looking for which tab is making noise when an audio banner pops up. Now whenever you play a multimedia file an icon will appear on the appropriate tab. The same thing will happen when your webcam is being used.


Chrome has also improved its security and its new update includes a malware-blocking system to avoid dodgy downloads on your computer. Another notable other feature is a complete facelift to its Metro version for use on Windows 8, which comes with a new system to link to Chrome Apps as if they were local tools.

Besides all this, and at the development level, Chrome 32 also integrates new APIs for apps and Google add-ons and has focused on improving the browser’s stability and performance.


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