One of the biggest draws of Android is how customizable the OS is, and it’s always nice to find graphic mods that save you a little time and give your device a distinctive look. Energy Bar is one of those apps: it show your battery status with a color-coded horizontal line set in your status bar.

Energy Bar Android

The main thing this app does is visually display how much battery percentage you have left on your phone. It does it with different colors in a bar whose length dwindles as your battery does. As you can imagine, if your battery is at 100%, the bar stretches from one side of your screen to the other.

Energy Bar Android

Energy Bar stands out for its ease of use. Setting it up is straightforward, with little risk of getting lost among the customization options. The app lets you customize the status bar as desired: the width, the colors, where it starts…. It’s got a broad array of options to choose from, though some of them are restricted to the PRO version that costs a few euros.

Energy Bar Android

This app adds a different touch to your smartphone, and gets the job done brilliantly. The immense number of customization options is its biggest appeal, but there’s also the fact that it consumes very little memory and uses none of your battery itself when your screen is off.

Energy Bar for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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