Incremental games. Just like Marmite, you either love ’em or you hate ’em. But certain games in the genre try to get around this dichotomy by falling back on other lures. This is something that Charming Keep does cleverly, with delightful graphics that’ll make you look at clickers in a whole new light.

Charming Keep puts you at the helm of a knicknacks enterprise whose aim is to get as much money as possible and help fairytale princes who need to be rescued. This premise alone is interesting enough, thanks to its switchup of the tropes of old-school fairy tales. But though it’s cool that the game has an interesting and different plot, what really matters here is the money, money, money.

Our enterprise starts out occupying a single floor in a magic tower, and as you tap bags of money you get profits. People who’ve already played clickers won’t find big changes to the gameplay: you increase your profits with every tap until you can automate the tapping. When you’ve got enough money you can expand to higher floors and repeat the circle. This may not sound like an addictive formula but, trust me, it is.

Charming Keep does nothing new in terms of gameplay, but its lovely cartoonish look, daily rewards, spells to get more gold coins and the enchantment of the stores, plus the creatures in charge of them, end up claiming your heart. And your fingers, though it’s as easy to use as any other clicker. This ode to capitalism will keep you in front of your screen for ages. Make it rain!

Charming Keep for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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