Anyone can customize their Android these days given the number of tools out there to modify the look of your device – although in certain circumstances (above all if your smartphone is getting on a bit in age) installing external launchers may not go down so well. But if you just want to change some of your default icons without having to use hefty customization apps, you can always turn to Awesome icons.

The app lets you change each icon individually, using either an image stored on your device or an icon pack you can download and install directly from the app. Once the new pack is installed, a new option will appear on each of the items in the list of apps to change. In particular, the image collections you can download are Moonshine, Belle UI, Voxel, Yoma, Rounder UP, and AroundLite. Nevertheless, nothing stops you from installing any other external pack, which you can manually add to the app’s list.

cambiar icono awesome icons How to change your default Android icons

As we’ve mentioned, this isn’t the only way to add icon packs, as the most popular launchers such as Nova, Apex, and GO also have this feature. And there are other, more specific icon auto-installers with special packs; one example is Icon Changer, which offers a huge array of colors (and camp!) for the most popular apps.



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