Fans of comic books can’t be too unhappy with Android right now. The ecosystem already has a good number of free comic book readers, but we couldn’t overlook the arrival of a classic like CDisplayEx. Many of us have used its Windows version to enjoy reading our favorite comics on the computer, but now we can use this legendary tool from the comfort of our smartphone. 


When we talk about CDisplay, we’re talking about a classic that taught a lot of people about what the .CBR extension means. After its creator, David Ayton died in 2003, his work was turned into CDisplayEx, a new version of the program that maintained its basic traits: reduced size and the ability to read a wide range of formats. The Android version, which we’re talking about now, kept this in mind and thus, takes up less than 6 MB. And of course, it reads CBR, CBZ, and images folders without a problem, in addition to having an experimental support for PDF files.


Reading comic books or manga on CDisplayEx is extra enjoyable because it lets you configure the reading options however you like, along with the color treatment if you’re not happy with how it looks. It’s always nice to have control over the white balance, intensity, and color usage. Another great thing about CDisplayEx is that it lets you transfer the comics from the desktop version to your phone thanks to its use of FTP and Samba.


CDisplayEx has come in strong on Android. Its huge number of options and compatibility are two important strengths worth mentioning as well. That said, you’re going to run into quite a few ads as you read after every few pages you turn. It’s up to users to decide if this is a deal breaker or not.

CDisplayEx Free Comic Reader for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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