The cleaning and maintenance tool CCleaner is well-known on desktop operating systems. Piriform, its creators, have been working for several months now on a smartphone version, and have just published the first public beta of CCleaner for Android.

The point of the app is the same: to detect temporary or unnecessary files on your device to free up storage space and improve its performance. In this case, the main analysis tool will search the file cache and can also erase your web browser history and clear your call log and old texts. And independently of these features, the report will also list links to manually delete trash files generated by Facebook or Twitter, among other services.

ccleaner android

Besides the cleaner, CCleaner for Android includes an app administrator similar to the one included in the operationg system by default, where you can uninstall apps and view the space each one takes up. It can also get around blocks of certain services your system might deem risky, so do take care when using it.

Finally, it also lets you visually check the CPU usage, the percentage of RAM in use, and the available internal storage, as well as battery life.


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