There’s no denying how lucky we are to have access to the awesome selection of arcade games available on Android. Especially when we’re talking about games that are as well-executed as Cavefall, a title that has you descend as far as possible into a cave that’s packed with enemies and obstacles. What we have here is a simple and addictive gameplay, accompanied by pixelated graphics … a recipe that would have meant difficulty back in the day. And this game definitely does not disappoint.


In Cavefall, you play the part of an explorer with a mission to climb down the walls of endless caves, where danger is constantly lurking. You start out seeing some sharp spikes that you can make your way around relatively easily, but soon you’ll have to start fighting off blood-thirsty bats and other evil creatures that don’t appear to be thrilled about the idea of you exploring their home. Luckily, the controls couldn’t be simpler: when you tap the screen, your character jumps from one wall to the other. The key to lasting as long as you can on each screen is to master the timing of each jump you make.


As you descend deeper into the cave, you’ll find some red orbs that represent the currency you need in order to improve your abilities: more hearts, faster jumps, combo booster … because yes, you can do combos after defeating multiple enemies in a row, something that makes it easier to jump over them. But the game also hides another little something up its sleeve as well: notes from the diaries of other explorers that will unlock other caves in the game. In all, there are four and each one has its own obstacles and enemies waiting to put an end to your journey.


Cavefall is a totally hectic and addictive arcade game that’s guaranteed to get more and more complicated as you go. The game also has hints of the indie game Downwell and any game that has anything to do with the videogame from Ojiro Fumoto can’t be bad. This game is the work of Isak Persson, who we already know as the creator of the fun Dashy Knight, another pixelated work of art.

Cavefall for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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