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Contrary to the old saying, no one was born ready, so we aim to provide step-by-step tutorials on doing specific tasks on your PC or smartphone. Whether you need to learn in-depth how to use your operating system or take full advantage of the capabilities of the programs you use, we offer user guides for both day-to-day and professional activities.

How to get your file extensions to appear in Windows, and...

Everyone knows what it is like when you’re browsing your computer and you come across a file that you can’t open, and have no...

Give your photos a professional touch without complicated editing programs

Retouching and editing your photos to achieve similar results is something that we’ve all wanted to do at one time or another, even without having knowledge of photo editing. One tool that manages to give photos a professional look is Pixlr Express, one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use photo editors now available.

Now you can delete any traces you left on Facebook

Deleting your entire digital life can be a complicated thing on certain websites such as Facebook, where it was impossible to leave without a...

Internet censorship, or How to fence off your territory

Censorship on internet and the absence of information freedom is a fact in every country. What's the reason of these maneauvers?

How to share locations on WhatsApp

You can easily share any location from WhatsApp or your map app in your device.

10 tips to improve the impact of your YouTube video uploads

Ten tips tha will help you improve the impact of your YouTube channel.

How to permanently delete your Facebook account

Here we'll explain how to deactivate or permanently delete your Facebook account, as well as how to backup all of your published information.

How to recover accidentally-deleted smartphone photos

There are ways to recover photos and videos that you’ve lost on your smartphone.

Thirteen tips to surviving as long as possible in PUBG Mobile

Surviving in PUBG Mobile matches can be tough, so we've made a list of 13 essential tips to start winning those chicken dinners.

How to read comics on your tablet

There a comes a time when you don’t have any more space in your house for shelves full of comics, and you run the...