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Viber gets a new update and continues to attract users

The popular app for making free voice calls continues to make a spot for itself in the market dominated by Whatsapp, where there are...

Facebook’s new app is now available for Android and iOS

At last, what we’ve all be waiting for has arrived: Facebook’s app has been updated for Android and iOS devices, which now comes faster...

Google Navigation, a Companion for Stress Free Journey

Google has proved its tech giant image once again by overcoming major jolt given by Apple in the form of dissociation of Google Maps...

Finally Revealed, Surprising, Google’s Search Page Redesign

Did you search for something on Google recently? Could you make out any difference in searching? To your surprise, Google has redesigned its entire...

Discover the Secrets of Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 8

Present era is full of competition wherein it sometimes gets difficult for a technology to maintain a leading market position. Microsoft is aware about...

Tale of Gutted Relations between Apple and Google

Apple in its most recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference, held at San Francisco announced launch of its next generation operating system iOS6. This OS is...

Enrichment of Social network with advancement in technology

According to a recent survey, it has been estimated that with introduction of modern technological gadgets including Smartphones and tablets, number of people using...

Emerging Trends for Windows Mobile in Current Smartphone Market

Windows Phone8 is ready to beat maximum of Apple’s iPhone market. With advancement in technology, Microsoft is now set to overpower Apple’s shares. If...

Samsung Anounces 10.1inch Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung has officially announced the new Galaxy Tab 2 and if it was a larger screen that you were waiting for, your wish has...

iPhone 5: Discovering The Surprises stored in

A lot of people need to possess the finest iPhone they can and they’re scrambling to understand more details on the iPhone 5. The...