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Is less no longer more? The evolution of screen size on...

Nowadays, most phones boast huge screens, but it hasn't always been that way. Here we take a look at how smartphone screen size has evolved over the years.

How and when Android apps will work on Windows 11

Android apps will soon be able to run on Windows 11, but how and when will you be able to test them? We'll tell you all the details.

China vs. The USA: the fight is on to take over...

The USA's reign as the world's biggest app developer is beginning to crumble as China and other Asian countries rise to prominence.

Precio Luz review: updated hour-by-hour electricity rates

The price of electricity changes every hour, but with this app you'll be able to know how much it costs at any given time so you can control your expenses.
Uptodown App Store Update 4.0

Uptodown App Store 4.0 improves app update system

Uptodown App Store 4.0 update lets you disable automatic update detection for certain apps, among other great new features.

Uptodown in 2021: the most used smartphone brands and models

Around 130 million individual users use Uptodown every month to download apps and games on Android from all over the world. Of all of...

Redeem exclusive PUBG Mobile benefits with Uptodown

Get time-limited free supply crates with your squad!

Squid Game clones: the latest Android craze

In a market that's saturated with games, there are developers who will do anything to get downloads, even if it means cloning the wildly popular series, Squid Game.

Video game emulation and preservation: the struggle to keep our history...

The debate between emulation for video game preservation and intellectual property rights.