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Samsung Galaxy S IV will be presented on March 14

Samsung tweeted from its official Twitter account a short teaser about what it will announce at an event on March 14th. Using the slogan...

Reaching the line first on social networks

The Boston terror attacks on Monday's last week that resulted in three dead and 130 wounded were heard round the world through Twitter. The...

The right to be forgotten on the Internet, an inconsistent ruling

The Court of Justice of the European Union issued an important ruling that will oblige Google to from now on delete the personal data of those whose privacy is considered vulnerable.

Facebook improves image upload from smartphones

Facebook has added an improved bulk-upload system for images, allowing you to organize and tag them individually.

Cell phone roaming won’t exist in the European Union

Roaming, otherwise known as data roaming, was always one of the biggest problems when travelling, not just because you have to turn it on...

Facebook pages are rolling out nested comments

One of the features that Facebook users were most excited about has finally arrived at the social network: nested comments in conversation threads. Also,...

Facebook redesigns its “Like” and “Share” buttons

Facebook launched the “Like” button in 2010 and since then has maintained the same look for the button; now the social network has announced a design change in its popular “Like” and “Share” buttons, which have already begun to be automatically updated on our user accounts.

Will there be an iPhone 5S next June?

The rumors revolving the next Apple smartphone never end. Not long ago we mentioned how people are already talking about an iPhone 6. Well,...

Playstation 4 will also be on your smartphone

News about the official announcement of the Playstation 4 are flooding the Internet, even though it was an open secret, and despite that they...

Twitter is going to shorten tweets containing a link to 118...

Good things, when short, are twice as good... Beginning February 20, Twitter will shorten tweets that contain links to other websites or photographs to...