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Google Maps for Android gets an update with new features and...

Just a few days ago the latest, improved version of Google Maps for Android was released, which has a large amount of new options...

S21H – a Mini-PC the Size of a Flash Drive

The mini PC market just keeps evolving. Not long ago, we mentioned how excited we were about the emerging low-cost minicomputer market – devices...

To update or to replace? The drama of contemporary software

Might it be the case that it’s not always beneficial to run your PC on the most cutting-edge, up-to-date software?

Gmail will start to show ads on mobile devices

Gmail will show ads on its mobile apps. This will come as part of its 4.6 update that was launched few days ago. Although it will give you the chance to choose which ads you do or don’t wish to see, we won't be able to hide them.

Attack infects thousands of WordPress blogs

Last week, a massive amount of blogs that use WordPress as a CMS were hacked and infected with a virus capable of figuring out...

Samsung unveils its first flexible smartphone prototype

This year, CES was loaded with new technology. At last, it seems as though for tech companies 3D is out and 4K resolution and...

So this is what Europeans are using their bandwidth on

Last Sandvine study shows that P2P download programs are wide used in Europe and it is the most-used app. This study also shows that P2P programs are not so popular in the US because there are many other alternatives to watch series and films.

Razer Edge, a multipurpose high-end tablet for players

It goes without saying that mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are becoming respectable gaming platforms. Moreover, ultra-compact desktop computers hope to overthrow...

Google+ is reinvented with a new more visual and intelligent design

Google’s social network has decided to radically change its interface. The purpose? To allow users to dive deep into each update and new post...

Facebook sued over the ‘Like’ button

Facebook is currently being sued over the “Like” button, in addition to several other features on the social network. The Dutch company Rembrandt Social...