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Microsoft discovers a vulnerability affecting several versions of Windows and Office

Microsoft has advised in an official statement that it has discovered a vulnerability in some older version of Windows and Office that has allowed a series of coordinated attacks from malware sent by email on hundreds of users of the affected programs.

Apple presents its new models of iPad and MacBook Pro

Apple has given a new keynote to present its new generation of iPads and MacBook Pro, and many new features such as the new desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, that can be updated for free.

OneDrive now allows you to save files of up to 10GB

Microsoft has upped the maximum size of individual files that can be uploaded on OneDrive to 10GB.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 to arrive on April 8 and bring...

Windows 8.1 Update 1 adds new features like the use of Metro apps in windows and the return of the Start menu.

Facebook will allow you to edit your status updates

Up until now, when you updated your Facebook status, shared a video, or commented on someone’s wall, you had to pay close attention to...

Emerging Trends for Windows Mobile in Current Smartphone Market

Windows Phone8 is ready to beat maximum of Apple’s iPhone market. With advancement in technology, Microsoft is now set to overpower Apple’s shares. If...

Facebook will not take down violent videos posted on its network

Last May, Mark Zuckerberg’s company forbade the dissemination of videos with violent images after it received numerous complaints from users about a video of a beheading shared on its network. Facebook has updated its privacy policy allowing to publish videos with violent content provided if users try to express their disgust or condemn such actions.

Twitter is preparing its own musical platform

Anonymous sources involved in the project told the Bloomberg media corporation that Twitter is working on its own music playback and distribution service, initially...

One in every four Americans owns a tablet

It’s amazing how launching a product at the right time can really change things. In 2000, Microsoft announced its PC tablet, but it didn’t...

Tweetdeck updates its appearance and improves performance

After Tweetdeck was purchased by Twitter, and then went on to shut down its services for both smartphones and the desktop program, many people...