Golden Axe Classics brings the trilogy from Mega Drive to Android

The sword and witchcraft trilogy has arrived on mobile devices thanks to the latest update of Golden Axe Classics.

The hit Android platformer is back: Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2 is an excellent sequel and one of the best platform games that exists for mobile devices.

Break glasses in fun settings in Drop It

Drop It is a game that's packed with settings where you'll have to find a way to reach each glass in order to break it.

Adobe offers its entire CS2 product line to download for free

This is initiative is very surprising, coming from Adobe. At the latter end of 2012, Adobe ended official support for registered products from the...

Gmail doubles the size of attachments – but not how you’d...

Gmail just announced a decision regarding attachment sizes that's at very minimum a bit odd and certainly not what we were expecting, in the slightest.

Microsoft introduces a new version of Minecraft for smartphones which includes...

This upcoming 17th of May, the mysterious game will be officially introduced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game.

How to charge iPad using your computer?

If you own an iPad you will have realized that when you plug it in your computer it only synchronizes it, your computer doesn't...

Microsoft Office 2013 vs. LibreOffice 4.0: Which is the best office...

The world of office suite environments is in the midst of a revolution these days. In addition to the launch of Office 2013, and...

Gboard: The new Google keyboard that now comes with Android

Gboard is the name of the newly revamped keyboard that just arrived to the Android systems. A major change this time is that it comes with several new features and updates.

Best free hiking apps for beginners plus tips and tricks

We’ve compiled some hiking tips and trick for beginners along with the best free apps.