Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit and father of modern RSS, passes...

The world of computer technology is full of young geniuses that at a young age have developed enormous technological advances. Aaron Swartz was one...

New hardware and software to look for in 2013

Instead of looking back and reviewing the best and worst of 2012, seeing that the year is almost over, we’re going to take a...

Google Maps returns to iOS

Just days ago, Google Maps returned to the AppStore as a third-party application after having been substituted on iOS 6 by the less-than-precise native...

Firefox 16’s bumpy release

The release of the Firefox 16 web browser has been a bit rough; however, the latest version from the Mozilla Foundation is now available...

Here’re some of the games that will participate in the Indie...

Here’s a selection of some of the indie video games developed in Spain that will be presented in the Indie Zone at FreakCon 2022.

How to install custom ROMs on Android

Although it may seem easy to an advanced user, the process of installing a custom ROM on your Android device can turn out to...

Different options for taking screenshots

Taking screen shots is something that those who surf the web often do. There are a lot of different options for taking screen shots,...

Datuum is the Pinterest of information on Android

Datuum is a popular social network for images, ideas, and even tutorials, mainly with the objective of sharing common knowledge among users.

10 alternatives to Fire Emblem Heroes on Android

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the top releases of 2017, but if you want more -- we recommend these ten other spin-offs.

New version of TeamViewer and support for Windows 8 RT

Finally Windows 8 is here, and with Microsoft’s new operating system on the market, many program updates are being released. In this case we...