In your day-to-day you probably take a lot of photos that you’d like to be able to also take audio with but don’t want to make a video: a concert snapshot, for instance, taken at the exact moment when your favorite song is being played. With AudioSnaps you can do just that: that is, take photos with sound and share them with your contacts on social networks.

AudioSnaps, which frames itself as a new social network, integrates image- and audio-capture features into a single tool, which lets you add a bonus to your photos thanks to the option to rotate images.  It is very simple: once you click on the button to take the picture five more seconds will be automatically saved.

Audiosnaps Capture images with sound with AudioSnaps

Once the photo is taken you can post it on Facebook or Twitter, where you’ll be able to view it like any other image, except that if you click on it you’ll hear the audio tagged onto it.

You should also keep in mind that once you log on to your profile on the app it will automatically assign you a username under which all your audiosnaps will be saved. Thus your friends can see all your snaps by clicking the link posted with the images.

It is, in broad terms, a social network very similar to Instagram, since your contacts can give you Likes if they enjoy the result as well as explore similar audiosnaps from other users based on the tags added to each shot.

audiosnaps Capture images with sound with AudioSnaps

For contacts who view your audiosnaps and don’t have the app, they can access a direct download link provided by the tool itself, although if they prefer they can also always just go to the web version to have a quick look.


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