Webapps are eating the heavy programs that populate computer desktops alive. You’ve might have heard of Canva, the online service for creating infographics without needing to know anything about design. Now they’ve just launched Canva Photo Editor, a useful and hugely simple tool that lets you make all sorts of basic adjustments to your photos and then download them with your changes without any kind of watermark, ads, or otherwise distracting elements.

The applicable effects include 15 different filters, brightness, contrast, saturation, cropping with aspect ratio templates, resizing while maintaining proportions, rotating, and vertical and horizontal flips. Nothing more, nothing less.


In the smartphone realm there’s practically no app that uses the camera but doesn’t offer its own integrated image editor, but on desktops that’s usually not the case. Also, Canva Photo Editor is not dependent on hardware, so you can actually use it from any device you want. A little solution to a little problem.


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