Call of Duty Mobile is developing a frenzied post-release plan, not letting a week go by without new content being added to the game. With Halloween coming up, we get a new related event that brings us new game modes, new weapons, new rewards, limited-time challenges, and sinister jack-o-lanterns all over the place.

Call of Duty Mobile Standoff Halloween

These new features aren’t associated with a new update of the game client, which was just updated a few days ago. Instead, it’s an 80 MB in-game download that gives access to the new game modes. That said, some of these may not be available quite yet since the event is going to last until November 1st.

Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Game Modes Call of Duty Mobile gets dressed up for Halloween with the latest update

  • Login rewards: just for updating the game between October 18-27, you’ll get an experience card and a battle box. Plus, when you log in from the 15th to the 21st, you’ll unlock other daily rewards.
  • Standoff – Halloween: The legendary Black Ops II map can now be played in a night version that’s all decked out with Halloween decorations.
  • Sparrow Operator Skill: You can unlock the new Operator skill by completing a series of tasks from now until November 1st.
  • New Hardpoint game mode: One of the most popular modes where you have to capture specific areas of the map until you reach a certain score.
  • Airborne: A new class for the Battle Royale mode that lets you launch a catapult that will shoot you through the air to move to other areas quickly. It’ll be unlocked throughout the day on the 21st.

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In addition to these changes, they’ve added new looks to the store and have modified the hub with spooky decorations, along with some changes to the balance for the Type 25 weapon.


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