Among the most highly anticipated games for Android in 2019, there isn’t a shred of doubt that Call of Duty Mobile is creating the most excitement. Although it’s not available worldwide as of yet, there are a bunch of ways that you can play the preliminary versions that are available in some countries. In fact, the v1.0.3 update of the game is out today. This version doesn’t include significant content upgrades but it is compatible with more devices and it’s even improved its performance in some of them. Just keep in mind that you need to use a specific VPN service in order to access the game.

A Virtual Private Network is still a must with this new version, although the best thing you can do is use a reliable payment service such as TunnelBear, which simulates the connection from India. Nevertheless, there are free VPN apps that work properly such as UFO VPN. It should probably be mentioned that this app does require you to view different ads in order to unlock connection minutes through its Premium mode.

Call of Duty Mobile menú

Follow these steps to connect to the game:

  • Download and install the 1.0.3 Call of Duty Mobile update, available in Uptodown. This is a 1.3GB XAPK service. That means that you’ll need a package installer that’s compatible with this format, such as our official app. [Download]
  • Download and install UFO VPN, also available on Uptodown. [Download]
  • Next, enable the VPN. To do so, you’ll need to access the app you just installed and go to Choose Location. Inside, you’ll see a list of countries where you can connect, like India. However, there is a quick access at the top of the list by the name of Call of Duty Mobile, but here’s the trick. If you tap on that option, you’ll see a message that says you need to be a Premium user. If that option interests you, you can register to one of the inexpensive monthly subscription plans. Otherwise, you can watch videos in order to earn daily minutes (which are cumulative).

ufo vpn screenshot Steps to play the new 1.0.3 Call of Duty Mobile update

  • Once you’ve activated the VPN, you can access the name like you normally would and participate in its different gaming modes, including the battle royale mode which was recently included.

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Briefing

Call of Duty Mobile avion


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