While we await the arrival of the installment that Tencent is developing, Activision continues exploiting its Call of Duty saga in the mobile world, assigning development tasks to external studios. In this case, Elex (Age of Kings: Skyward, Magic Rush: Heroes) has been put in charge of creating this  Call of Duty: Global Operationsa new management strategy game for Android set in Modern Warfare.  

call of duty global ops 3 Call of Duty: Global Operations is now available on Android

What we have here is a strategy MMO that’s here to fill the hole left by CoD: Heroes; another Clash of Clans-style strategy game that’s closing its servers on December 22. In this case, the style takes inspiration from classic browser games, so you have to build and expand your operations base while you defend yourself from attacks from other real players and collect materials to strengthen your army. And repeat.

call of duty global ops 1 Call of Duty: Global Operations is now available on Android

The great thing about the game is that many characters we’ve seen in previous installments make an appearance, so you’ll find characters like Captain Price and Ghost here to give you advice. Beyond that, the only other element that sets it apart from hundreds of similar strategy titles is in the representation of the combats: you can customize the formation in the unit deployment on a small grid, to later see the result of each conflict automatically with adorable 3D graphics of miniaturized troops. 

call of duty global ops 2 Call of Duty: Global Operations is now available on Android

As we’ve come to expect in these types of time optimization titles, the game’s Free-to-Play model is based on micropayments that let you exchange real money for the game’s currency, which you can use to speed up construction or create troops.

Call of Duty: Global Operations on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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