At this point it’s practically a requirement to have a file explorer installed on your Android. While most of them have a rather crude interface that’s quite far from the design standards you’ve come to expect from the Google ecosystem, Cabinet has arrived to pull the plug on this unfortunate trend with its clean, functional file explorer with a Material Design interface.

The app, despite still being in beta phase, outdoes many other tools of its ilk in terms of its ease of use, smooth interface, and stability, allowing you to browse through the device’s file tree (be it internal memory or SD) via a menu system that’s fully integrated with the rest of the Android Lollipop experience thanks to its minimalist interface and smart distribution of buttons.

cabinet screenshot 1 Cabinet, a brilliant file explorer for Android

The context options are common to the other programs of this type: you can copy, delete, move, rename, or share any file. In addition, the floating button in the lower part lets you quickly create files and folders, and even permits connections with remote units if you enter the host, port, and user login details.

To further help with easy browsing, in the left pullout menu you’ll find shortcuts to your Android folders for images, music, or downloads done on your device. This, on top of the fact that the explorer displays the icons associated with each file or thumbnails for each image file, makes Cabinet one of the best alternatives out there for managing files on your Android.


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