How often have you watched YouTube videos that were so hilarious you simply had to share them with your friends instantly? Great as that is, sometimes you just want to enjoy this content in good company. The problem is that it’s hard to round up several people onto a physical sofa to stream YouTube content. Cabana was invented to solve this logistical problem, as it lets you and several friends connect to a videochat to watch all your fave videos together. Let the bellylaughs commence.

Cabana Android

Cabana appeared a couple months ago on iOS devices and now it’s Android’s turn. This new free app was created by Tumblr and it is simplicity made reality: starting to use Cabana is as simple as inviting your friends to download the app, loading a video, and enjoying it with them. Tiny hitch: you’ve got to have a Yahoo account to be able to use it.

The app shows you a few recommended videos on the start screen, though you can access anything you want if you just do a keyword search. Cabana lets you make videocalls with up to six people, with the interface size varying according to how many people there are connected. When that video ends, the call stays active and you can keep watching YouTube content for as long as you want. If you use it, definitely make sure you check out the Uptodown YouTube channel for tons of Android gameplay clips.

Cabana Android

Cabana lets you hang out online watching the latest viral videos or streaming literally as much media from YouTube as you can handle. The app is very simple to use and it’s never not fun to watch YouTube videos with friends. And even more so when you can see your friends’ faces, which makes the whole thing a proper experience. So get out there and convince your friends that Cabana is awesome so they’ll install it and you can start sharing your fave videos right away. Like, for instance, this list of “Important Vídeos.”

Cabana for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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