Customizing your Android device at the user level usually involves little more than changing the look of the interface. But without digging a bit deeper not much can be done in terms of productivity: adding shortcuts, a widget here and there, and not much else. It would definitely be useful to have a higher level of customization. Take the addition of shortcuts like the key combos on your computer. For this particular need, there’s Button Mapper.

Button Mapper

Button Mapper is a tool that lets you customize how the physical and virtual buttons work on your Android. The idea behind it is to map them to create shortcuts to your preferred apps or to do certain actions in a faster and simpler way. Want to get to Instagram fast? You could just press your Home button twice. Or access the last app you’ve used? Just hold that button down.

The customization options are manifold and you can make the same button do up to three different things. Button Mapper makes your life simpler using shortcuts – and will surely be a lifesaver for anybody who’s got a broken button. That said, for many heavy users of Android this app does nothing new, although the mapping of buttons usually involves muddying yourself in the swampy world of root. Button Mapper does everything easily in an interface that’s not too scary – and doesn’t require your phone to be rooted.

Button Mapper

Button Mapper is rather limited in its free version. Although you can modify your Home button and volume keys as desired, the rest of the buttons are out of reach. You have to pay (€2.49) to be able to use them, as well as access other options from the Pro version. Still, anyone looking for customization beyond what’s available as standard should find the free version super-useful.

Button Mapper is still in the development phase, so it’s possible that you might come across some snags, but you can still take full advantage of it. A comfortable and simple way to customize your Android buttons – and don’t forget that you can do it all with no need for root.

Button Mapper for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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