BTS has created a revolution in the music world with an international impact that’s never been seen before with any other K-Pop band. Basically, any product related to Bangtan makes their army of fans move at a mass scale. After the incredible success that the music game SuperStar BTS achieved, the new official game is finally here: BTS World is available worldwide for Android. 

Netmarble created a unique game inspired by BTS World where you’ll get to experience a visual novel more than anything else. For those of you that have never played that kind of game, you basically get to chat with the characters (the band members and people in their surroundings). You’ll have to make certain decisions and advance through a story that’s organized by chapters. Interacting directly with Suga, Jin, and RM is the absolute dream for any fan of the band. It should be noted that this is a game was specially designed for the most loyal of fans. 

BTS World mensaje

The game simulates that you’re getting calls and messages, submerging you into a really fun story where you’ll get to experience the beginnings of the band. You’ll also get to help them on their road to becoming the international stars that they are. Besides this dynamic, where you only get to be the viewer and nothing more, you can also start collecting characters as if you were collecting trading cards. Each BTS member includes their own features, which will help you complete certain parts of the story. You’ll also have to repeat certain parts of the story if you didn’t meet the objectives that were required. 

bts world screenshots 1 BTS World, the official game of this South Korean band is available now

The game is available in Android starting the 26th of June and the only requirements needed is Android 4.4 or greater, 2GB and 832MB of space available. Although the APK only takes up 100MB, additional data will be downloaded inside the app. 

BTS World for Android is available in Uptodown [APK] | Download


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