Following your favorite TV channels from anywhere in the world is as easy as downloading the channel’s app, but if you want to broadcast your own content things can start to get complication. Livestream is a video streaming platform that breaks the chains that tie you to your desktop computer when sharing your ideas with the world.

This information tool lets you follow important events that you don’t want to miss, and you can either view them live or later if you missed the original broadcast.

Livestream Broadcast live worldwide with Livestream

Livestream thus offers a very broad catalogue of content where you can find channels specialized in sports, technology, news, animals, or the most important shows from big global media like FOX.

That said, one of the most outstanding features on Livestream isn’t that you can stream live content from channels worldwide, but than you can stream your own material live. To start telling the world everything you have to say, just click on the red button.

Once your settings menu comes up you’ll just need to give the date and time of the recording and the name of the event. Everything else will depend on your own individual script.

Levestream event Broadcast live worldwide with Livestream

Keep in mind that even if you click the record button you won’t be broadcasting live until the exact time you’ve specified, so you can always take a few minutes to test how you’ll look to other users.

Any user can directly access your channel just by searching for the name of your event or your channel, or by clicking the link you share with them for that purpose. They can also share your broadcast with their own contacts, getting you new followers and expanding your viewership.


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