Do you miss Windows Live Messenger, refuse to use any other social network? Do you want that classic way of chatting with emoticons and sounds back? If you were one of the ones that couldn’t bear to see it go, you’re in luck. That is, just for a little bit just so you can keep your hopes up until Microsoft pulls the plug and buries the service six feet under, all the while burying all the good times that you’ve had with the program that pioneered instant messaging. Messenger Reviver allows you to undo the integration of Messenger and Skype for a few months longer.

Revive messenger

When Microsoft decided to purchase Skype and turn it into the successor of the most veteran chat program of all time, it imposed an update whose purpose was to forcefully renovate Skype, integrate its instant messaging service, and uninstall Windows Live Messenger in the process. Up until now, you were able to avoid the recommendation by closing the notification each time you opened Messenger; but there is now an application that allows you to opt out of its deactivation.

Messenger Reviver is a program designed to automatically avoid the installation of Skype so you can keep using MSN Messenger until its servers are closed down. You can also reinstall, repair, and modify the 2012, 2011, 2009, and 2008 versions of Windows Live Messenger in the event that you have one of them installed on your computer. Now you can keep hearing that little notification sound when you get a new message.

Bringing Messenger “back to life” is very simple. All you have to do is run Messenger Reviver and allow the changes that the program will make on your computer so it can determine if MSN needs to be repaired, reinstalled, or if Skype has already uninstalled it. The program will locate the version of Messenger that you have on your computer and it will properly install the patch that keeps it from updating so you can continue enjoying MSN.

Permitir cambios Messenger Reviver

When this screen appears, all you have to do is click “Start” to patch the program, modify Windows Live Messenger, and restart it.

Messenger reviver

The little message that suggests you switch to Skype, or that blocks your favorite chat program, will disappear, and you will be able to continue using it until the ultimate shutting down of its servers. Until then, even though Messenger Reviver is a great option, it is recommended that you start detoxing yourself from MSN, and begin getting comfortable with other messaging services for when the final blackout comes.

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