When it comes to doing the shopping, it never hurts to bring a list so you don’t waste any time or have to make a second trip. Bring! is a great solution: one of the best shopping list tools for Android, this app is completely free and has no ads of any kind.

bring featured 2 Bring! is a top-notch app for making shopping lists

Bring! draws on Material Design principles to create a highly satisfying experience in terms of organizing your shopping. It’s got generic lists for items you might need at home, work, or for parties, and obviously lets you create your own, too. Same deal with the inventory of items you can buy: they are numerous and well organized, and you can add new entries if something specific that you need doesn’t show up. Plus each item’s got a nice-looking and explanatory icon, though you can change the photo if you prefer. Customization of everything is one of the greatest things about Bring!


This app’s got an important social component in terms of sharing the lists you make with the people who will be helping you do your shopping. In other words, you can invite and share lists individually: one, for example, with your nuclear family and another with your work colleagues. Or you can make a list collaboratively with people you’re planning an event with. The possibilities are as expansive as you can imagine and you’ll have control over the list at all times.


Bring! is a terrific option if you’re looking for an app to create shopping lists in the most convenient way possible. Its integration with Android Wear or the option to accept suggestions for products as you shop make the experience better by the minute. It’s even won awards thanks to its standout features, and though we already said so at the start, it never hurts to reiterate: it’s totally free.

Bring! for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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