Within the extensive world of arcade games there’s one kind of game that’s been delighting us since 1976: blockbreakers have wowed us from the start with the legendary Breakout, and when Arkanoid came out in 1986 this subgenre really took off. Brick Wizard is the latest member of this clan: a fun game developed by King that can now be downloaded from Uptodown with no geographical restrictions.

Brick Wizard

Brick Wizard follows the path forged by Arkanoid that few games have dared to tweak too aggressively: you’ve got to get rid of all the objects on the screen using the ball you shoot from the bottom. All wrapped up in a fantastic package – as we’ve come to expect from King – and with a couple of different settings that give the game a bit of variety: “Save the Fairies,” where you finish the level once you free a bunch of fairies from their prison with hits from your ball, and faceoffs with final bosses, which vary throughout the game and will make you put together different strategies according to the situation.

Though the first few beats of the game seemed a bit ordinary, the truth is that I was surprised by the difficulty curve. As you beat levels the game gets more and more complicated and adds more enemies and longer phases. You’ve got a string of 80 levels to beat, though knowing King you’re sure to get many more in the future.

Brick Wizard

Brick Wizard is more proof that King is pressing a bunch of different buttons and trying to get a new hit. This mainly benefits players since we’re looking at several interesting releases at the moment. The new Brick Wizard is a proper breath of fresh air: it may not appear to innovate much over what you’d see in other blockbreakers but at least is better than a zillionth incumbent to the Candy Crush saga where the variation is minimal. Other games from King like Stellar: Galaxy Commander and Legend of Solgard also follow this pattern.

Brick Wizard for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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