Though it might appear otherwise, technological advances are our intellect’s worst enemy. If electronic devices can make decisions, solve daily problems, and memorize data to consult at any time, what’s left to our brains? To keep cobwebs from gathering on your mental agility, we provide a list below of some of the best Android apps to train your brain.


A proper institution, with millions of players on both its official Android app and its web client. It has you do a series of minigames every day to stimulate certain aspects of your intellect. You can later view stats on your progress and as you use the app you’ll discover new games. Although it’s free to use, it also has subscription options to unlock more games and tests.

brain training lumosity The best brain training apps for Android

Fit Brains Trainer

Another interesting trainer that has more than a hundred preset tests and a different session for practically every day, with adaptations of classic games like match search, math operations, or photographic memory of shapes.

brain training fit The best brain training apps for Android

Brain Wars

This plunges you into a gamification of the brain-training experience: besides a system for daily mental training, it offers a competitive game where you can face other players, whether you know them or not, to get the best score. With a dozen games and a system to lose and recharge lives that resembles freemium games like Candy Crush, what’s certain is that the social aspect has its charms, especially as it lets you make fun of your friends.

brain training wars The best brain training apps for Android


Along with Lumosity, Elevate is perhaps the most-used and comprehensive ‘brain training’ service you can find. Its exercises let you improve your cognitive abilities even beyond the classic skills mini-games thanks to a series of reading comprehension and concept-association exercises that might leave you sleepy but are still quite a lot of fun.

brain training elevate The best brain training apps for Android

Other puzzle games

The apps mentioned up to this point are exclusively aimed at brain training, but for practical purposes almost any puzzle game can improve your skills in one way or another. If you want a good challenge halfway between traditional puzzles and math challenges you can try your luck at the addictive 2048 and its countless clones. If you’re looking for something more traditional there are several Sudoku apps, while those who are a bit more old-school can always check out the timeless Tetris. And no, crushing candy doesn’t count.

brain training 2048 The best brain training apps for Android


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