One of the symptoms that can give you an idea of the condition of your computer is how long Windows takes to boot up. Bootracer is a free tool that helps you with exactly that: it measures precisely how long Windows takes to start up and stores the result in a history.

To take the measurement correctly, Bootracer asks you to restart your computer to do the analysis, while exclusively preserving the launch time, meaning it will leave out both the startup time as well as the amount of time it takes you to enter your password if you have one. A breakdown of the boot phases stays registered, along with a rating that compares the startup time against the average for the version of Windows you have.

Screen Shot 03 26 15 at 01.56 PM How to measure how long Windows takes to launch

All these times will be registered in the History section, so you can use the tool to check if your changes are having any effect when you delete programs that open on startup. In fact, there are programs specifically designed to automatically optimize this, such as Autorun Organizer.

Bootracer is completely free and compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, which Bootracer supports from version 4.9 onwards.



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