It’s complicated to innovate in the world of audiovisual captures and posts. Photos, short videos, animated GIFs … developers keep trying to reinvent both static and moving images to offer the same thing but with a different flavor. Instagram has just stuck its own iron in the fire here with the release of Boomerang, a new service to capture and post looping 2-second videos which is the second new addition to the family it started just recently with the release of Layout. At this point it’s complicated to create something with the media impact of a selfie.

The name of the tool is not meaningless. The oscillations of a boomerang reflect the nature of the video you capture. Actually the app takes 10 frames with 200 milliseconds of difference, to later create a small animations both forwards and back that plays in a loop, creating curious semistatic effects that can showcase your inventiveness when it comes to capturing interesting effects. It’s precisely due to this capture system that it doesn’t include any sound in the animation.


Boomerang can be used completely independently of Instagram, saving the video you record with the app locally, although the real appeal of the matter lies in being able to later share your work. Obviously the two default places to share are on Instagram and Facebook (keeping it in the family), but you can also share over any other social network. In the case of Instagram you can also use all the usual effects and image adjustments included in the program.

Source | Official Instagram blog



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