It’s as surprising as ever that BombSquad still has such a good user base, especially since we’re talking about a game released in 2011. But it’s more than understandable if you check out how this Super Smash Bros-esque title for Android flows online in any of its tons of different game modes.

BombSquad Android

BombSquad has churned through different gaming platforms and brought its trademark to all of them: gunpowder-inflected fun. Explosives are one of the basic elements in this game where, among lots of other things, you have to get rid of bad guys with bombs and punches. All adorned with very curious graphics that haven’t aged badly at all.

Both the playdough characters and the soundtrack in BombSquad take you straight back to the mega-classic ClayFighter, though in terms of the gameplay they have nothing to do with each other. For other references there’s also Nintendo’s most famous beat’em up and a multiplayer game that went more or less unnoticed in the PlayStation catalogue: Poy Poy, a rather dark little game that I massively enjoyed where you had to best your opponent by throwing rocks, logs, and rockets at them. I’m sure you can see the resemblance here.

BombSquad Android

The cool thing about BombSquad is that there’s so much you can do in it. Whether you’re playing alone, with friends in coop mode or in teams, or flinging yourself into the always-madcap online world where you have to play a specific character and face up to eight other gamers. And it’s not hard to put a game together what with all the people connecting in search of a place to throw bombs. Still, before going the whole hog with the online mode I’d advise trying your hand against the bots so you can get the hang of the controls.

BombSquad has become a proper Android classic that remains fresh to this day thanks to the variety of settings plus its wacky game modes (hockey-bomb, capture the flag, epic combat in super-slow-mo…). Six years are nothing for this fun multiplayer title.

BombSquad for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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