Ever since Facebook added games to its platform, there have been a lot of them that have become very popular for a time – so much so that it can seem like an eternity if you aren’t the one playing the popular game of the time. These invites are even more annoying when you have Facebook open on your smartphone, and it doesn’t stop going off with notifications from Candy Crush Saga or FarmVille. If you have ever cursed how successful these games have been, here we’ll explain how to block invites and requests that your friends send you on Facebook.

bloquear notificaciones juegos facebook

The first option is to block the game from your pending notifications that tend to accumulate to the right of the screen just below the “Home” button. All you have to do is hover over the requests, click the “X” and check the “Block” option right after the game’s name. A pop-up window will appear to confirm the block, and you won’t ever get another invitation or request from that app.

Solicitudes juegos Facebook

If you keep getting thousands of requests, the other option is to access the App Center, then Requests, where you can see all the invites from your friends asking you to join the games and apps. The App Center gives you the option to try the game, or remove the request. If you click “Remove,” a message will appear in a yellow box where you can click “Do you want to block FarmVille?”, for example.

Bloquear aplicación Facebook

When you click it, another pop-up window will appear for you to ultimately confirm blocking the application.

Bloquear invitación Facebook

Although you have to repeat this step with each of the games you get requests from, in the end the countless requests that accumulate in your Facebook notifications will disappear.

But, if you change your mind, and let yourself  get hooked by one of these games that you had blocked, and harass your friends by sending them requests all the time, all you have to do is go to Privacy Settings, then “Blocking,” so you can manage what you block and unblock, then start receiving notifications again from whatever game you want.


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