Whether you find yourself on the bus, train, waiting at the doctor’s office … you’re probably on your phone, and 9 times out of 10, you’re most likely watching some sort of audiovisual content. Typically, we’re talking about music videos, animations, or short videos, but more than once, we’ve all probably watched an episode of a series or even a movie. The thing is, it’s not exactly the ideal viewing format primarily due to how long they last. But there are always new alternatives that go against the grain, and that’s exactly what blackpills does. It’s an app that lets you enjoy 100% original series created specifically to be watched on smartphones. 


The problem with watching movies and TV shows on a smartphone, in addition to the reduced size, is the length of the production. A sitcom lasts 20 minutes and if you’re interested in a drama, then you’ll be watching for at least 40 minutes. However, blackpills has the answer: they’ve created episodes that last between 6 and 15 minutes. A logical decision, but it’s not the only reason this audiovisual platform shines: the series are 100% original, they’re free to watch, and they’re geared toward millennials, with unfiltered stories and taboo subjects.

The app is incredibly simple to use, since all you have to do is enter a code that they send you to confirm your telephone number and instantly, you can start watching the different series. It has multiple genres like comedy, thriller, and drama, and even includes documentaries and animation. The best part is the enormous number of languages and subtitles available. The same goes for the quality of the video, letting you view the audiovisual content from 240p to 1080p. What’s more, some of the new series also allow the use of Quad HD (1440p). There’s no device or internet connection that can’t handle these excellent series.


blackpills is an incredibly interesting platform that gears its content specifically to be viewed on smartphones. It’s a concept that’s both original and easy to enjoy. And you’re sure to be surprised by the professionalism of its productions, which distill a tone that you’d generally find on traditional platforms.  


blackpills for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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