BitLife, the life simulator is now available on Android

One of the biggest hit games is finally available on Android. BitLife lets you live an entire life from beginning to end.

2018 was the year of Battle Royale games. There’s no doubt that this genre reigned king last year, and its popularity is probably going to continue well into 2019. But there’s one game that’s also enjoyed immense popularity during the last few months of the last year, and it couldn’t be more different from Fortnite or PUBG: BitLife has been crowned one of the most downloaded titles on iOS for this time period. It’s a title that lets you live an entire life through the decisions you make. And it’s finally available on Android.

Android BitLife

For many of you, the concept behind BitLife is sure to sound familiar: experience an entire life from birth to death on your smartphone. Yes, InstLife did it first. It’s impossible not to compare both games since they have a lot in common. But BitLife has the advantage of being a more modern release: it has a much simpler and attractive interface. 

Android BitLife

The gameplay in BitLife takes you through the years of a life using the big button on the main screen. Although in the beginning you can’t do much more than advance through the years or interact with your parents, you’ll soon find yourself faced with a whole slew of options and choices to make.

Android BitLife

You can practically choose everything in terms of how you want to live your life. From your studies, love life, extracurricular activities, your job when you’re old enough … The possibilities are nearly endless and you can do everything with just a few taps on the screen. This simplicity that the entire game offers makes it impossible to tear yourself away from the screen as you discover an entire life, from beginning to end.

The best part about BitLife would probably be the events that are activated as you choose your actions: having an innocent party in your house can end up landing your character in jail. In fact, this is something that happened in our gameplay video that we posted on our YouTube channel. But that’s just one example of a thousand possible experiences that can happen in this simulator.

Android BitLife

The rounds in BitLife can easily last between 5 and 30 minutes. It all depends on how involved you are in the game, since it’s easy to get lost among the menus, making adjustments to improve your character. But the great thing about BitLife is the freedom it gives you for each decision. The game doesn’t condemn your moral behavior, so the possibilities you have are immense.

Android BitLife

We’ve been biting our nails for months, awaiting the possible release of BitLife on Android. It’s been a long wait, but we can finally enjoy this great simulator on our devices. Now all that’s left to do is choose how you’re going to live your life in the game. Or I guess we could say how you’re going to “live your lives” since you’re probably going to have a hard time putting the game down until you live out at least a few different lives.

BitLife for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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