Finding information about places to eat has become incredibly simple. Between web pages, apps, and blogs, it’s never been easier to find out everything you could want to know about the best food joints. However, all of this has lead to a new problem: choosing where to eat. Surely you’ve experienced this situation at some point or another, and BiteFind was made to help. The app helps users choose a restaurant by picking one at random by simply tapping the screen.


BiteFind is as simple as can be. Its interface is light in details, but you don’t need them to take advantage of what it offers: a nearby restaurant where you can find something to sink your teeth into. It’s super easy to use: you just tap the button in the center of the screen to have it display a nearby restaurant. That’s it. The app displays its selection in a new window with the name of the restaurant, a photo, and three buttons: close the selection and find another place, save to favorites, or show the route to the restaurant using a third party map application.


In addition to displaying a random selection until you find one you like, the app also lets you write a description of the places you’ve saved to your favorites. It’s short and simple so anyone can use it.

BiteFind is a particularly useful app to find new restaurants that you might otherwise not have known about. You can customize the search options by specifying the distance, price range, and type of food you’re looking for. It’s an easy to use tool that can save you from getting into heated arguments about where to eat. Plus, the app creator is constantly adding new countries through Reddit.



BiteFind for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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