A smartphone or tablet’s battery life is the cause of a great deal of trauma for many users. There are, however, various tricks and best practices to slightly improve its duration, and this is exactly the point of Power Tune-Up: a free tool from the well-known IT security firm Bitdefender that lets you save battery life and free up memory space to improve your device’s performance.

This free tool brings together into a single app all the services that Android itself already offers scattered throughout its settings options, as well as a few totally new features, such as the option to view stats on your battery life in your upper notifications bar.

The first section, Battery optimization, offers lots of configuration options to scrape out a few extra minutes of battery life for your device. Within the so-called Savings Options you’ll find the option to change to airplane mode (with data and a few other similar features deactivated) when the battery falls below 30% or during the night-time. Within Device Options you can activate or deactive certain features such as Bluetooth or WiFi, while in the RAM and CPU Usage sections you can see the space occupied and the percentage of the CPU used by each app. You can also, in certain cases, terminate these processes.

PowerTuneUp icon

The Clean section is tasked with freeing up space on your memory and SD card (if you have one) by using a checklist that deletes temporary files as well as all sorts of lost or corrupted ones.

Finally, the Data Usage option offers a graphic similar to the one already displated by your Android, showing the evolution of your data consumption and an option to activate an alarm if you surpass a certain transfer limit.


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