We’re getting used to seeing new releases from Lion Studios sitting pretty at the top of the download charts. After the success of Draw In and the recent Happy Glass, it’s now time for Big Big Baller to take its place on the throne. This time, we’re in for a different experience far from the casual concepts for playing solo. In this case, we’re talking about a “.io” game for you to play against players all over the world. That said, Big Big Baller takes its fair share of inspiration from other titles like Hole.io and the Katamari saga.

Big Big Baller

It would be impossible to know the vast number of “.io” games available on Android. Not only because a lot of them don’t include the .io extension in their titles, but because this type of online videogame has been becoming diversified among more genres. Big Big Baller is yet another new spawn of the popular Agar.io, given that your objective involves becoming the biggest ball on the screen. Of course, in this case it’s in 3D and there’s a two minute time limit in each game.

Big Big Baller

While the influence of Agar.io is clearly written in the source code of Big Big Baller, we have to look at a more recent game to find its most important inspiration. Hole.io, one of our favorite arcade games of the summer, has influenced the work from Lion Studios in all areas: you have to use all the objects around the setting to grow in size and win the game.

The clear difference between the game from VOODOO and this one is that in Big Big Baller, you don’t have to absorb elements in the setting, but instead, they actually get added to your ball, Katamari Damacy-style. This dung beetle gameplay was exactly what influenced Donut County, a beautiful and great game that VOODOO stole its main gameplay from to develop Hole.io. A real soap opera drama.

Big Big Baller

Despite all the ‘who copied whose gameplay’ drama, Big Big Baller is a really enjoyable title. It’s already reached the top of the download charts thanks to providing immediate fun in short and intense doses. The 2 minute time limit in each round makes for the perfect time-killer for any moment in your day. After each round, you’ll have to watch the typical ads, but they’re really not too bad. Plus, it offers some customization options for the balls you play with, adding a nice bonus to a game that’s already great on its own.

Big Big Baller for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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