In 2004, the United Nations declared the 21st of June to be the International Day of Yoga. This ancient practice combines mind and body and has been linked to many health benefits, which range from stress management and reduced pain joint, to decreased cholesterol and higher mental health. The best part is that yoga can be enjoyed by everyone, young or old, male or female, it’s a universal practice that benefits everyone in some way. In celebration of this incredible practice, we’ve made a short list of some of the best free yoga apps for everyone.

For Beginners

Yoga for Complete Beginners

So you can’t put your feet behind your ears just yet? Don’t you worry! Although yoga poses can look seriously intimidating, the truth is that anyone can practice it. There are a bunch of apps that are perfect for beginners because they’ll adjust to your needs. Take Yoga for Complete Beginners for example. This app, just like its name suggests, is perfect for those who’ve never practiced yoga and would like a gentle introduction. It’s packed with helpful information such as instructional videos, step by step instructions, different customization elements, and basically anything you would need to delve into the world of yoga.

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Yoga Community

Daily Yoga

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re more experienced in the world of yoga, you might benefit from being part of a community who shares your interests. Daily Yoga is one of the most popular yoga apps out there, which is why it has a huge community of yoga followers. With this app, you can connect with others who share your interests from around the world, make new friends, ask different questions, etc. Daily Yoga also caters to your needs because it includes different difficulty levels.

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For breathing


A huge part of yoga is pranayama or its breathing element. That’s right, learning how to breathe correctly during your yoga practice is a must. If you’re a newbie and you’re not really sure how to go about it try PranayamaFree. This simple but very useful app offers you different exercises so you can learn how to breathe correctly. It also includes a bunch of customizing options so you can adjust the app to your needs. The best part is how simple it is to use, and just like all the other apps on this list, it’s free!

For Kids

Kids Yoga

Adults are not the only ones who can benefit from this well-rounded practice. It’s reported that kids can benefit from yoga too. Yoga can help kids focus, manage stress, and increase their body awareness. Yoga For Kids is the perfect tool to introduce your kids to the world of yoga in a way that’s fun for them and easy for you. Your kids will be guided by a charming little girl who’ll show them how to position themselves. But just in case they’re still unsure, there are written instructions under each pose so you can help them make the most out of their routine. Yoga For Kids also includes three different difficulty levels and a really kid-friendly interface.

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Pregnancy Yoga

The benefits of prenatal yoga extend way beyond decreased back pain. It can help you reduce nausea, headaches, and stress. It can also help you improve your sleep during your pregnancy and reduce the risk of preterm labor. Whether you’ve practiced yoga before your pregnancy or you’re a total newbie, Pregnancy Yoga is for you. This easy to use app goes over simple yoga routines to keep your body gently moving throughout your pregnancy. You can adjust the difficulty level to fit your needs, so depending on whether you’re 3 months pregnant, or 7 months pregnant, this app has something for you.

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It seems like practicing yoga can have an enormous impact on your life. The reported benefits range from helping you manage stress to physical and social benefits. Without a doubt, this ancient exercise has something for everyone. Uptodown celebrates de International Day of Yoga and wishes you happy stretching!


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