Reminiscing about your day and writing down your good and bad moments, does that sound interesting? Well, you can have a journal right on your smartphone. These are some of the best journaling apps for your smartphone that you can use to keep memories of your trips, pictures or books you’ve read.

There are a bunch of apps out there that you can use as journals on your smartphone. For example, Instagram Stories lets you upload pictures and view them whenever you want. But, if you’re looking for something more private and personal, there are an infinite number of free apps that you can use as journals on your smartphone. Only you can access them so your privacy is guaranteed.

Mejores diarios para tu smartphone

You can write down your feelings, thoughts, and perceptions, record your trips and pictures. Basically, you can record your favorite and most thought-provoking moments with your smartphone journal.


Journey is a super complete Android app. If you’re looking for a journal to record your day to day, interesting events, or your thoughts on them, then this app might be for you. You can record all your thoughts and feelings privately and read through them at the end of the year, or whenever you’d like.

You can protect your Journey account with a password and make sure that no one has access to it. Besides using Journey like a conventional journal, you can also upload pictures and type where they were taken and the names of the people in the pictures. You can even access an atlas so you can record your travels.

diarios para tu smartphone - Journey App

If you upload your pictures to Journey, the app will often automatically geolocate where the pictures were taken and will register them in the map. It can also detect the date when the picture was taken and automatically add it to that day of the month (not the day when it was uploaded). So, if you forgot to update your journal during your trip but you get to it later on, Journey will take care of it for you.


You can add text, files, pictures, location, temperature, videos, audio notes or even enclose the activity that you performed during that day. Basically, you can have a personal and private diary and include all your day to day activities and who was there so you can check it later using the calendar or using the posts’ labels. [Download]


Diaro is a simpler app and has a slightly less attractive interface. However, it does what it’s supposed to: allow you to keep a journal. You can choose between different categories added by default such as love, vacations or family. You can also create your own categories so you can organize your notes in different folders. Plus, you can create labels to organize your best stories and locate them whenever you want.

Diaro lets you search through your notes by filtering by labels or locations, for example. As far as the entries go, you can add a title and text, location, labels, mood, date, time and temperature.


Add as much information as you want to your daily entries. You can also check them later on using your calendar or different filters. Diaro is a really complete and easy-to-use journaling app.

diarios para tu smartphone - Diaro App

We’re talking about an app that works great as a journal and is really easy to use. You can use it to organize all your thoughts and feelings and retrieve them later on. Its interface is basic, intuitive and really complete, although it is less attractive than the previously-mentioned app. [Download]


This app doesn’t focus as much in your daily journaling, it focuses more on how you’re feeling and what you’ve been up to. You can enter the app every day to record your feelings and what you’ve been doing. You can record activities such as games, reading, shopping, partying, sports, working, dating or meeting friends. You can also add notes about those activities to be more specific.

Daylio offers you a monthly graph of your mood or you can access a calendar where you can check out your mood with a quick glance. Thanks to its integrated color scheme, you can check out your overall mood during the past couple of days.


The app also lets you establish different goals such as learning a language, stop eating meat, exercise, acquire healthier eating habits, sleeping more. Once you choose your goal, the app will remind you every day to work on it. You can then view if you’re moving towards your goal or not.

diarios para tu smartphone - Daylio

Daylio includes monthly statistics of your mood and your activities as well as a counter that keeps an eye on your mood and the number of times you’ve done each activity. You can measure the number of days you felt happy, sad, read, exercised, met with friends, etc. All of that information displayed in simple but very visual graphs.

The app gamifies happiness and your mood. You can unlock rewards and medals depending on your achievements, the times you haven’t procrastinated or can have a good time without a care in the world. Keeping busy improves your mood and increases your happiness and this app can motivate you by recording and keeping your emotions under control.  [Download]


Polarsteps is not a journal for your day to day life, it’s a journal for your trips. This is one of the best apps to keep everything organized. If you like to travel and you’d like to remember every moment, then this app is a must. You can add all the destinations that you’ve visited and include facts, pictures, and other details.

Polarsteps will request some information about the places you’ve visited. The first thing is your current location so it can trace your route. Once that’s recorded, you can start entering your trips. As soon as you enter a new trip, you’ll have to also enter the dates you were there, a cover picture, a name, a brief summary, etc.


Once you’ve created the route, you can start adding different stops, the number of nights you stayed there and other details. The app will show you a really graphic route on the map. You can also access the “Travel Book” area where you can upload all the pictures like you would in an album.

diarios para tu smartphone - Polarsteps

This app, much like the previous one, includes a gamification system as well as statistics. You can count the number of places you’ve visited, the flags you’ve collected and you can also check out the percentage of the world you’ve visited so far.


Polarsteps also works as a social network where you can add friends or follow collections and users. You can also set your trips as private or allow others to view them. Plus, you can access inspiring travelers or themed collections like road trips around Europe or traveling with kids. There are all kinds of ideas. [Download]


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