It’s hard to find a person nowadays who hasn’t tried an idle clicker before. This genre tends to be built on two main pillars: 1) tap the screen to continue progressing and 2) invest in improvements to make the gameplay “on its own.” Half-way between a mindless experience and constant obsessive touching of the screen, the idle clicker genre offers a wide variety of titles that cover almost the entire spectrum of well-known games. We’ve selected a variety of attention-worthy works in this list of the best idle clickers on Android. 

Los mejores juegos idle clicker disponibles en Android

Idle Mafia

Your main goal in Idle Mafia will be to become a millionaire through multiple shady businesses. This title with cartoon graphics will put to test your capacity to become the most imposing mafioso in the city. By defeating enemies in street fights, you’ll gradually earn large amounts of money that you can invest in erecting more and more buildings. After several games, you will feel part of a plot that draws from classics such as “Casino” or “Scarface”. [Download]


Crafting Idle Clicker

Perhaps, on more than one occasion in a movie, you may have seen how classic weapons such as mallets or bows are made. In Crafting Idle Clicker you will have the opportunity to experience the everyday life of a workshop dedicated to the manufacture of these tools. In the first levels, you’ll only have a sawmill from which to extract wood. However, very soon you will unlock countless resources with which you will increase the production rate of valuable weapons. [Download]


Idle Game Dev Empire

Creating a video game capable of earning a place in the market requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. This is precisely what you’ll experience in Idle Game Dev Empire, an incremental title in which you’ll lead a company dedicated to the development of new games. Beginnings are never easy, and therefore you’ll start this adventure by creating small arcade titles with the help of a humble PC and the most ancient software. However, you will gradually earn enough profits to hire the best developers or improve the technical equipment. And all of this while expanding the facilities and trying to find the next success that will take you to the top. [Download]


Idle Mining Company

Gold is and will remain one of the world’s most precious commodities. There are many areas under the Earth’s crust full of this shiny metal. In Idle Mining Company you will be in charge of controlling an extraction from which you will try to obtain the highest profit. To this end, you’ll have to fine-tune the available machinery while investing money in improving the workers’ conditions so as to increase the rate of excavation. In addition, since this is an inactive clicker, you will continue to reap benefits even when you are not playing. [Download]


Idle Streamer

More and more young people dream of making a living as content creators on the Internet. In Idle Streamer you’ll live this process by playing the role of an amateur streamer. In each game, you’ll help the main character to create the best live streams in order to attract an ever-growing audience. Your goal will be to increase the character’s fame while earning money and investing it in improving the setup. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend events where you will meet other members of the guild. Shiver, Ibai Llanos! [Download]


Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Going to a theme park always means fun. Dozens of attractions gathered inside an enclosure in which children and adults can have a great time for a day. In Idle Theme Park Tycoon, you will be responsible for managing one of these leisure places. Your main challenge in each game will be to make sure that the visitors’ experience is as great as possible. You will have to add the best elements and improve the facilities so that everything runs perfectly. [Download]


Restaurant Empire Tycoon Idle

Managing a diner to create our own restaurant empire is the premise behind this clicker. In Restaurant Empire Tycoon Idle you will start by hiring reliable staff to start the business for the first customers. If the quality of both dishes and service is outstanding, it won’t take long before you’ll have to increase the number of tables to accommodate all the guests who want to try your menu. [Download]


Egg Inc.

You probably never thought you’d play a game where you’re an egg farmer, but the world of videogames is just full of surprises. Here we have a total classic that hasn’t lost a smidge of popularity since its release. I mean, just look at its Subreddit if you don’t believe us. It’s hard not to be reminded of HowToBasic when talking about eggs, but this game can help to clear your mind. [Download]


Nitro Racing GO

Even car racing can’t escape the idle clicker mania, although Nitro Racing GO isn’t the first one to dip its toes in the waters. We’re calling attention to it for its outstanding graphics that, along with the opportunity to collect all the available vehicles, makes this game a winner. You may not exactly lose yourself in pimping out tons of cars, but fans of driving games are sure to enjoy this game to the max. [Download]

Nitro Racing GO

Demon Princess Marie

Considering idle clickers tend to be extremely simple, choosing a specific one can be a matter of just picking whichever one catches your eye. In that respect, it’s hard for any game to top Demon Princess Marie. It just may be one of the most beautiful clickers on Android, so it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Plus, the design of all the characters is fantastic and the variety it offers is enormous for this style of game. [Download]

demon princess marie

Tap Souls

Without a doubt, Dark Souls marked a “before and after” in the world of video games. In fact, there are many players who find there is some sort of connection between this idle click and the popular Elden Ring. Tap Souls embraces the dark medieval fantasy, but also the degree of difficulty of the works of Hidetaka Miyazaki. Dying is easy and you have to step carefully in each round of enemies you face. It’s an excellent game that’s given the genre a different touch. [Download]

Tap Souls

Light a Way

We admit it… Our eyes light up every time we find a game with exceptional graphics. Light a Way gets the award for the prettiest on this list thanks to its gorgeous graphics and beautiful concept: your mission is to return the light to the world with the help of forest spirits. The great thing is that the game is more than just a pretty face… It’s actually a lot of fun, too. Plus, the game is appropriate for all ages and has a female protagonist. Boom. [Download]

light a way

Nonstop Knight

It’s about time we mentioned a dungeon game on this list, and there’s no better than Nonstop Knight. As the title suggests, your character here moves on his own and automatically attacks all the enemies who get in his way. Your mission is to bolster his special abilities and activate his special attacks when necessary. It’s an excellent game that manages to effortlessly fit an idle clicker gameplay in a traditional action-RPG package. [Download]

Nonstop Knight

Realm Grinder

Kongregate is one of the most famous game producers that boasts a large number of high-quality games for Android. Right from the very first time you play Realm Grinder, it’s easy to get lost in it. Although idle clickers are known for their simplicity, things are different in this case. Here we have a strategy game that knows how to use idle clicker mechanics to offer a gameplay that’s different from what we usually see. It’s an excellent title that’s jam-packed with different possibilities. [Download]

Realm Grinder


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