The best fishing games available on Android

We've selected the top fishing games that exist on Android. And they're all available for free.

Although videogames are a way of escaping reality for many of us, it’s also a fact that there are tons of games that simulate real-life activities. Simulators have a lot of fans, and fishing titles are one of the favorite genres of them all. That’s why we’ve chosen to put together the best fishing games available on Android. It’s not all about simulators though; to add some more variety to the list, we’ve selected all sorts of titles related to fishing.

top fishing featured The best fishing games available on Android


The truth is that this game couldn’t have a more obvious name. Here your mission is to adventure out on the water and try to catch the most fish possible. Its gameplay is typical for the fishing genre: you have to reel in your fish by touching a button. The constant pull and release is essential so you don’t pull the line too hard or the fish will escape. It can get a little repetitive over time, but it does offer enough variety of different types of fish to make it more interesting. [Download]

fishing hook screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon

Lion Studios is a total expert in creating fun and simple games. And those two qualities are exactly what you’ll find in the colorful Hooked Inc, which offers a casual approach to fishing. Your adventures aboard a boat with your fishing pole serve as the theme in this addictive idle clicker. That said, instead of tapping the screen like crazy, you simply have to slide your finger around to catch the fish you see in the water. Careful with this one though — it’s hard not to get hooked. [Download]

Hooked Inc

Desert Island Fishing

Ok, so we’re hopeless. We see a game with a retro look, and we can’t help but fall in love. But Desert Island Fishing is much more than an ode to the past, given that it’s a fishing game that’s as simple as it is entertaining. Its gameplay is based on tapping the screen at certain times, but the best part is its enormous number of unlockables. You’ll discover new characters and locations as you play. Plus, it’s hard to resist its chiptune music. [Download]

desert island screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Rapala Fishing

While most fishing games are based on what happens outside the water, Rapala Fishing takes you down into the depths. After choosing the area where you want to fish, you have to move the hook so that the fish will bite. It has a more complex game style, but this is exactly what made it stand out from its peers. It offers tons of different settings to fish in and all sorts of fish and equipment. [Download]

rapala fishing screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Go Fish!

We don’t have enough fingers on our hands to count all the clones and games that are similar to Ridiculous Fishing. Go Fish! clearly enters into this category, but we’ve selected it for its graphics and simple concept. Your objective includes catching as many fish as possible, and you just have to move your finger around the screen to do so. [Download]

go fish screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Real Monster Fishing 2019

More than 250 fish await you in Real Monster Fishing 2019, an incredibly entertaining fishing game. This title takes you back to the simple gameplay of pull and release using a button, but this doesn’t make it any less fun. You have an enormous catalog of equipment, fish, and locations where you can get to work. [Download]

real monster fishing screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

This is one of our favorite Pokémon games available on Android. Fishing isn’t the heart of the game, but it’s one of the mechanics that you’ll have to use to become the best Magikarps trainer. The title is great and The Pokemon Company made a very smart decision in choosing one of the internet’s favorite Pokemon characters to star in it. [Download]

pokemon magikarp screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

It’s time to get serious. Ultimate Fishing Simulator may be the best fishing simulator that exists on Android. It’s a title that will make anyone happy who’s looking for a more realistic concept. The graphics are pretty good and it has 12 real locations where you can take your fishing pole. That said, learning how to fish correctly is a bit tricky. [Download]

ultimate fishing screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Fishing Clash

Catching fish of all different colors and flavors turns into a lively experience in Fishing Clash. You have to try to maintain the tension meter in the middle to get the best score possible. There’s not much more to do than this, but there is something especially fun about discovering new fish all the time. As usual in these types of games, you can put the fish in an aquarium or let them go. [Download]

fishing clash screenshot The best fishing games available on Android

Fishing Strike

Whether you like fishing games or not, it’s hard not to have fun playing Fishing Strike. The creation from Netmarble stands out for offering a complete experience without compromising its simplicity. Fishing becomes a total battle where you can use wacky power ups in order to help you catch the fish you need. It’s a great game in all respects. If it were a movie, it would be directed by Michael Bay. [Download]

Fishing Strike


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