If you’re a pet owner, then you know how tough it can be to plan and arrange a vacation around your furry friends. According to a report by Affinity Foundation, the rate of abandonment of dogs continues to grow in Spain and in 2017, more than 100,000 animals were rescued by animal shelters. Abandoning a pet should never be an option. There are more and more tools popping up all the time that aim to help us take our animals with us on trips and enjoy their company. We’ve scoured the Android catalog and selected handful of useful apps that make it easy to figure out what to do with your loyal companion while you’re on vacation. 

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Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

Find hotels that allow pets

Vacation time is just around the corner but you don’t know if you should visit a certain city because you plan on travelling with your pet. If you’re planning a getaway and you want to enjoy your trip with your furbaby, there are apps like PetFriendly that let you find hotels that allow you to bring your animals without any problem. 

Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

With this app, you can narrow down your hotel search to places that accept animals, organized by price, city, and rating with the guarantee offered by the Booking search service. Furthermore, PetFriendly offers a ton of information about each hotel’s installments for both you and your pets.

Explore the city with your pet by your side

If you plan on going to a new city for the first time and you plan on eating out or going shopping, then you could end up in a sticky situation if you don’t know what stores or restaurants allow animals.

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That’s where apps like Mascotas Bienvenidas (translation: Pets Welcome) come in handy. In just a few seconds, you can discover all the pet friendly places that won’t mind if you bring your pet along for a day on the town.

What if I want to take my pet to the beach?

If you’ve chosen a destination with plenty of beaches to help you cool down and beat the heat, then you’ll need to do your homework to find out if you can take your dog with you. For example, in Spain, the Coast law was changed a few years ago to prohibit dogs during the busy season. So unless you want to get hit with a heavy fine, you need to find out which areas allow pets. 

Can Playas para perros is an app that tells you what beaches in Spain allow dogs in the swimming areas. This way, before you plan your trip, you can find out if the destination you have in mind will let you enjoy the beach life with your dog.

Tools to enjoy every single day together

Since you can spend more time with your pet while on vacation, it’s time to discover a few apps that aim to help you thoroughly enjoy every day you spend with your furry friends.

Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

There are tools like Dog Walk that help you keep track of all the steps you take with your pet. This way, you can see all the land you’ve covered while on vacation with your furry friend.

You can also create a schedule to keep track of all the care your trusty companion needs. With Pet’s Diary you have the possibility to manage an alert system on your phone so that you don’t forget about any of your animal’s needs while on vacation.

I’d rather have someone else take care of my pet

If your chosen location doesn’t accept animal companions, then you always have the possibility to leave your pet in good hands while you enjoy your vacation.

There are plenty of alternatives that are much cheaper than a kennel like Gudog or Dogbuddy that help you find plenty of people ready and willing to take good care of your animals while you’re away. You just have to enter the city and dates to see the profiles of available users. Then, you can select the pet-sitter that best fits the needs of your beloved animal. Plus, the prices charged by these animal caregivers tend to be pretty inexpensive, which is another huge advantage over using private animal kennels.

New technology opens us to a wide range of possibilities to be able to enjoy our vacations without having to leave our furry family members behind. But if for some reason you can’t take them with you, then there are also plenty of options to leave them it good hands while you’re away.



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