Never a dull week in Android. Never. On today’s menu, we’ve mainly centered on nice-looking games, from Civilization clones to games based on viral YouTube memes. To top it off we’re serving you up a hot tool for WhatsApp that adds bubbles to your chat clients. And, for dessert, flan.


The Battle of Polytopia

We’ve pretty much fallen for this pint-sized Civilization clone. Built for mobile devices, it’s just as good as the original, and we’ve gone through all it’s virtues here. It’s a turn-based RTS that’s terribly addicting, though for now, it’s on lock down in a closed beta format with a limited number of slots. But, if you haven’t made it in, at least keep the name in mind for when you can. | [Download]



Facebook bubbles have manage to pervade themselves deep into the heart of its loving users. Things have gone so far as to have many wondering why they aren’t available on other chat platforms. Well, thanks to Flychat you’ll be able to access any of the hundreds of instant messaging clients through chat bubbles. [Download]


Hill Climb Racing 2

To all practical effects, whatever this game has to offer is probably already a bit stale. Meaning, who hasn’t already played a racing game darting past your rivals and flying through the air? The only difference here is that Hill Climb Racing was one of the firsts to do the job so well that it’s accrued millions of downloads from 2012 until now.  Not much else to say here, except that this time the sequel is as good as the original. [Download]


Pinneaple Pen

We’re going to be honest, here. We hate this meme. Loathe it. Truly. Apparently, Ketchapp doesn’t though. Given that they’ve sped straight on ahead and bought the rights via Ubisoft and managed to come up with a title that’s as original as it is odd. You skewer fruit onto pens. It’s tacky, it’s fun. Thank you Japan.  [Download]



Everybody likes a good Beat’em Up once in a while. More so, if you can take it along with you wherever you go to play a quick match while you’re on the bus. ChronoBlade offers up exactly that, it’s an interesting action game where you’ll take down level by level thanks to the swiftness of your swordfighting skills, controlling your character with a virtual gamepad. As if that weren’t enough, you also get a bit of RPG, a slight equipment improvement and a few level-ups thrown in. [Download]




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