The fact that we’re “celebrating” the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog having first graced our screens is more a product of our nostalgia for the games of yesteryear than actual appreciation for the hedgehog’s current state of affairs. Quickly spun into its own parody, just check out the official Twitter account and savor the cringe factor. Recent official releases left much to be desired in terms of playability, giving way to multiple Sonic games on Android most of which belong to the ever popular genre of ‘endless runners.’ The very nature of Sonic and all he’s comes to stand for pairs extremely well with this type of gameplay. Here’s our top Android Sonic spin-offs that will take you back to better days.


Sonic Runners

Closest thing to the original, Sonic Runners is a 2.5 D ‘Endless Runner’ where you’ll beat levels while Sonic runs automatically. All you need to do is jump and punch enemies with Sonic’s signature dash. With cell shading graphics, and heaps of character references to the original story, you’ll even get to unlock up to thirty different characters both from the classic and modern editions. Yes, Sonic-Wolf from Unleashed makes a cameo.

Sonic Runners Android screenshot

Donic Dash

If Sonic Runners leans a bit too much on side scrolling form the classic original titles, Sonic Dash might be more up your alley. It takes off where they left off when Sonic first came to our screens in 3D mode in Sonic Adventure–no, Sonic R doesn’t count even if its soundtrack was an epic fail. It was so successful, in fact, that they even came up with a second release based only on the aesthetics of the TV show Sonic Boom where die hard fans still revel with delight.

Sonic Dash 1 y 2 Android screenshot

Sonic Jump Fever

Sideways, forwards, and Sonic goes vertical. On Sonic Jump, most of your standard sub-genres of gameplay within ‘Endless Runners’ are covered, where in this case your aim is to jump forward nonstop rising up through vertical levels while obstacles and enemies try to come in your way. We’re looking at spring and bouncer worship in its purest state here, folks..


Sonic Racing Transformed

This one’s a bit of sidestep, as its the only game that made our list that isn’t 100% original but rather an adaptation from a game that was originally only released on consoles. Specifically, the second part of Sonic Racing which is clearly a Mario Kart knock off. Unlike other adaptations (there’s an Android version of almost every Sonic classic), the plus within this freemium model is that it allows for unlocking all the vehicles and each scene from within the free version.



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