This week, we’ve had a couple of new releases that outshadowed others–by far. Coming out on top was Facebook Messenger Lite’s official soft launch. Which, despite being a kind-of beta, is already fully functional everywhere. That wasn’t the end of it, though, we’ve seen dozens of decent apps rolled out over just the past few days. Designed for those of you who aren’t quite as enthusiastic about plunging into the murky waters of app curation—yet need a breath of fresh air on your smartphones—here is our list of this week’s top five apps.


Messenger Lite

Not much else to say here–really–everything you need to know was covered in 0ur earlier posts with both a detailed specs analysis and a comparison between each version of Facebook’s mega-popular IM-platform. Honestly, Lite provides all the features while taking up half your resources. Seems like a good deal.


Giphy Cam

Giphy is the mother of all GIF sites. Its noble services include providing a GIF creator space, and hosting a full catalogue with access to millions of user-generated GIFs. Inevitably, Giphy has now landed on Android with a bang, and users are raving.


Maximum Car

Fewer sims. More arcade racers. That’s what we need, and that’s what you get in this Android racer. With nuances from Outrun and Burnout as well as their respective takedowns–this game has you racing your way up the ranks and defeating your rivals via missiles and side attacks. Watch out though. It’s easy to get side tracked. At the end of the day, your only real goal is to cross the finish line. You know, because it’s a race, and all that..


Angry Birds Blast

No child without a toy. No month without a Rovio game. Right when it seemed like there was nowhere left unexplored by the Angry Birds crew, the spawn of the umpteenth Angry Birds clone is now freely roaming the Android ecosystem. And this time, it’s all about puzzles. That being said–against all odds–they must have done something right. This game is fun—we promise.


PewDewPie: Tuber Simulator

PewDewPie is in little need of an introduction. Confidently holding down the title of the World’s Most Followed YouTuber—with over 48 million followers—it was about time a video game paid homage. Not to mention the fact that any game with his seal of approval is a recipe for instant success, more so when it’s an original sim title that deals with the trials and tribulations of your average YouTuber. Need we say more?



  1. […] This week, we have had a few new releases that outshadowed others–by far. Popping out on prime was Facebook Messenger Lite’s official delicate launch. Which, regardless of being a kind-of beta, is already absolutely useful all over the place. That wasn’t the top of it, although, we have seen dozens of respectable apps rolled out over simply the previous few days. Designed for these of you who aren’t fairly as keen about plunging into the murky waters of app curation—but want a breath of recent air on your smartphones—right here is our listing of this week’s prime 5 apps. Read more […]


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